The Pizza Girl shows us how she uses the Pizza Girl Grill HERE 

The Pizza Girl Grill Instruction Manual

How do you wash it?

The Pizza Grill, and the ceramic stone cannot be submerged in water.  Just wipe the machine when cooled with water and mild soap, and scrape the pizza stone of any food remnants after use.

My Pizza Stone is darkening each time I use it!

Congratulations!  This is called seasoning and as long as you scrape off any food remnants, the more used the pizza stone is, the better the flavor.  

We do sell replacement stones for GLUTEN FREE customers (or their families) and they can be used on the same machine.

How long does it take to cook pizza?

Depending on how thick the dough is - it is typically around 5 minutes.  If you plug it on and turn it on 10 minutes before it will be ready to go!



Are Pizza Girl sauces organic?

Yes, we use organic ingredients and our sauce recipes have been certified USDA organic by QAI.

By using the best ingredients, we are able to maintain our commitment to healthy eating without compromising flavor. Our tomatoes are sweet so we don’t need to add sugar and we only use Extra Virgin Olive Oil because it is less processed and gives the best taste, which means we can make sauces lower in healthy fats. Compare labels to see for yourself!

There are so many pasta sauces - what makes Pizza Girl sauces taste better?

The combination of great ingredients, the recipes and the fact that the sauces are slow-simmered the old fashioned way to create the robust flavors, without the need for additives.

What’s your RETURN policy?

All Sales are Final. If a jar breaks on the way, take a quick pic of it in the packaging and send to hello@pizzagirl.com and we will send you out a new jar or refund the breakages!

PIZZA GRILL:   Contact us at hello@pizzagirl.  14 day return policy.

Are Pizza Girl sauces Kosher?

Yes, our Marinara and Arrabbiata have been certified OU Kosher Parve and our Vodka sauce is Kosher Dairy.

How long can I keep each jar?

Each jar has a shelf life of 2 years from the production date. Of course, once opened they should be refrigerated and used within 5 days.

This is when its best to eat, but in our experience its not easy to keep it that long - its too delicious and can be used so many different ways! We encourage you to make Pizza Girl sauces the base of all your cooking and will add recipes all the time.  SIGN UP HERE so we can stay in touch. 

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes, and here is where you can upgrade your status and get access to the best discounts, exclusive offers and even win a PIZZA GIRL dinner party for our VIPS. Start now and theres a ton of ways to earn LOVE points.

Why is shipping so expensive?

The weight of the glass jars means that shipping ends up costing as much as the sauce!   We share the shipping on our 3 pack sampler or even better, stock up and buy 6 jars and the shipping is on us - yes, thats FREE SHIPPING ON 6 Jars to all Mainland states!

*Free Shipping on 6 jars only and excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

Where can I buy Pizza Girl Pasta Sauces?

Throughout 2021 we are rolling out PIZZA GIRL sauces into stores across the USA. Or buy from us directly here and we will send it to you the next day! We are only shipping within the USA.

Our first retail partners will be in California, where Pizza Girl grew up! To find out about new stores and locations sign up to our newsletter . If its not yet in your local store, ask the store manager to consider stocking it.