Caroline D'Amore

"Everything begins with the base"

"I’ve worked tirelessly to make my dream of Pizza Girl come to life. I got pretty far on my own and was stocked in all the finest supermarkets in California. I did all the tastings personally ....and was often in the factory in a hairnet jarring each bottle myself. It was a dream come true when I finally saw my family recipes, which I reimagined, finally on the shelves. I found so much joy when personally meeting every single customer that bought a jar during these tastings. It was truly fulfilling. Sadly, then the pandemic hit, and organic ingredients were quickly bought up by bigger companies. Add to that some personal issues, and I lost it all! Every jar of Pizza Girl sauce was sold in two days and I had to watch it being replaced by other products. It was a heartbreak like I have never experienced. I felt beyond defeated, but I also knew it was a really tough time for lots of people. When I was finally done feeling sorry for myself I reached deep down and decided to get up and get it together. I took 6 months of downtime to begin to figure out how to start again. I had nothing but a dream and a trademark but I am so grateful that the pandemic showed me what was important in my life and I was able to use the inspiration of my daughter to rebuild. I paused, then surrounded myself with like-minded partners and restructured from the ground up using all that I had learned, and a crazy determination. I decided I would only work with people who really have my back and share my belief and vision of Pizza Girl. I am beyond overjoyed to be able to #relaunchthesauce back into the homes, hearts, and bellies of America this Spring!"


Our Founder: "Pizza Girl"

Caroline D'Amore grew up in Malibu as one of 4 daughters of the D'Amores Pizza Family. Her Grandmother taught her the value of the "sauce" as the secret to all Italian cooking. She used her pasta sauce in everything! Caroline took what she knew best and made it her own to share with a new generation of home cooks!

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Our Company

We all make choices everyday. At Pizza Girl we pay particular attention to how we eat and what we cook. (Who we love is also high on the list!).  Just as important is how we treat strangers and how we show respect. We believe in choosing freely and thoughtfully. Home is not a place its a feeling. We like to make it special and food is central. It's about family, friendship and love. Dress it up, or simplify, but stay present so it inspires!Be you, help others and be true so you shine!  Include, don't divide, share, show compassion and trust and encourage others for a better world. 

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