Welcome to the Ultimate Pizza Experience at Home!

 Features that Make Our Pizza Grill Outstanding

1. Quick & Quality Cooking: Whether you prefer fresh dough, pre-made bases, or your favorite frozen pizza, our Pizza Grill bakes them to perfection in just 4-6 minutes.

2. Restaurant-Grade Pizzas at Home: Crafted to deliver restaurant-quality, fresh dough pizzas in minutes.

3. Dual Control Heating Elements: Separate upper/lower elements give you the control to ensure your pizzas are evenly baked, striking the perfect balance between chewy and crispy.

4. Ease in Maintenance: Comes with a removable baking pizza stone for easy cleaning. Just don't immerse it in water (See cleaning instructions for more info).

5. Consistent Crispiness: Enjoy a crispy, delicious pizza every time in just about 5 minutes. Bonus Features: Each Pizza Grill includes serving paddles for that authentic pizzeria feel.

Technical Insights

- Tailored Temperature Control: Our Pizza Grill features upper and lower heating tubes, each with its own control knob.

- Electrical Specs: Operates at 120V~ 50/60Hz with a power consumption of 1200W.

- Temperature Guide (refers to dial on each knob):
1. 230-320°F
2. 356-401°F
3. 446-509°F
4. 536-608°F
5. 680-761°F

Read the instructions carefully before use to ensure a safe and enjoyable pizza-making experience.

Smart Safety Guidelines

1. Start Smart: Read and follow safety guidelines before using the Pizza Grill.

2. Stay Cool: Use oven mitts or gloves to prevent burning when handling hot surfaces.

3. Steam Alert: Be cautious of steam when opening the Pizza Grill.

4. Keep It Dry: Avoid liquid contact with cords, plugs, pizza stone, or the device.

5. Kids Alert: Always supervise if kids are around; avoid letting them play with the device.

6. Unplug & Cool: After your pizza session, unplug and let it cool before storing.

7. Health Check: Don't use the appliance if damaged or acting abnormally.

8. Go Original: Use only approved attachments for safety.

9. Cord Care: Don't let the cord dangle off counters or near hot areas.

10. Heat-Free Zone: Avoid placing the oven near burners or inside another oven.

11. Handle with Care: Exercise extreme caution, especially when moving the appliance with hot contents inside.

12. Plug Protocol: To turn off, switch controls to "off" and then unplug.

Getting Started with Your Pizza Grill

1. Warm Welcome: Plug in your Pizza Grill, set knobs to #5, and let it heat up for about 15 minutes for the initial run. This ensures the ceramic pizza stone is perfectly seasoned.

2. To Start: Before crafting your pizza, ensure the control knob is turned off, and no accessories are left inside.

3. Power Up: Plug into a 120V outlet and turn the heat up to setting #5. Preheat the oven for 10-15 minutes before use.

4. Crafting Your Pizza: Roll out the dough, add your favorite toppings, and slide it onto the hot pizza stone. Adjust knobs based on your preferences.

5. Baking Bliss: Let your pizza bake for 4-6 minutes or until it reaches your preferred level of perfection. Adjust temperature as needed.

6. Pro Tips: Keep the lid open between pizzas to prevent overheating.

 How to Use the Pizza Stone

- Do Not Submerge: Avoid water contact with the pizza stone to prevent cracking.
- No Direct Flour Sprinkling: Do not sprinkle extra flour directly on the pizza stone.
- Frozen Base Pro Tip: Thaw frozen bases before placing them on the heated stone.

Pizza Base Varieties

- Frozen / Topped: Thaw frozen bases and adjust cooking time accordingly.
- Pre-made Bases: Ensure the base is defrosted for optimal results.
- Pita Bread / Flat Bread: Quick and easy, ready in 2-3 minutes.
- Calzone: Roll out the dough, fill, and cook for a delicious alternative.
- Toasted Sandwiches: Add favorite fillings, cook on the stone, and enjoy crispy/melt perfection.

Cleaning & Maintenance

- Preservation/Longevity: Follow care guidelines for optimal performance.
- Exterior Maintenance: Wipe exterior with a damp cloth, avoiding water immersion.
- Debris Removal: Use a metal spatula to dislodge food residue.
- Paddle Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel.
- Stone Use: Never use the stone for any purpose other than intended.


- Heat Indicator Light Fluctuates: Smart thermostat doing its job; wait for desired temperature.
- Top Layer Too Crispy: Dial down upper setting or open the lid until the base catches up.
- Base Too Crispy: Begin with a preheat on setting 5, let the stone cool down before use, and take breaks between batches.

For further assistance, tips, or feedback, reach out to Enjoy the best homemade pizza with Pizza Girl!